Three congregations, one church.

We began with a vision in 1999 to reach "10,000 for Christ," a rallying cry from our founding pastor, Rev. Fred Tze Wah Cheung. A Hong Kong immigrant himself, he and our founding members had a burden to see the Gospel go forth among Chinese immigrants, of which Alhambra was the epicenter. The Lord provided the opportunity in 2001 to purchase our current location right near the heart of Alhambra, providing great visibility to those we sought to reach. From nearly the beginning, we held services in Cantonese, English, and Mandarin, so that the Gospel could be preached to the Chinese-American community in the language most comfortable to them.

As God blessed us, we grew—and we've stayed committed to what we valued from the start: the Gospel and small groups. We believe not only in the power of the Holy Spirit to change lives, but in His presence among God's people. These two foundations have never changed. 

In our firm commitment to the Gospel for all nations, we also have been blessed to reach people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Though diverse, we are three congregations, one church. We see our increasing diversity as a symbol and a sign of the coming kingdom of God. While our story continues to unfold, we are moving more and more into the great story the Scriptures already tell, where every tribe, every nation, and every tongue will stand as one before the King to give praise, honor, and glory.